100 Things That Make Me Happy

Hello world! It’s me, and I’m back! Oh wait, what’s that?  You don’t know who me is? Sit down have some coffee….have some more. Are you awake now? Good. So let’s dive in! I was thinking I would post on this very new blog, and share a little bit about me. Yes,  I know that’s what the about me page is for, but hang in there, okay! This is going to be fun. I made a list, I love lists. Don’t you? So this list has 100 things that make me happy. I’m not a happy person by nature, more pessimistic really. But I made the list anyway, and I hope you enjoy it! Read a little, read it all, what ever you want to do. Then tell me about you in the comments, let’s get to know each other!

  1. Coffee * This may be more of an addiction than anything!
  2. Books
  3. Lists *obviously
  4. Order *meaning I love everything organized!
  5. Black dresses *I have at least 5
  6. Yummy and Simple food
  7. Music
  8. Rain
  9. Walks in the fall
  10. Driving for fun
  11. Browsing
  12. Knitting
  13. Blogs
  14. Fair Food
  15. A clean house
  16. Fresh sheets
  17. Notebooks
  18. Tumlr
  19. Instagram
  20. Time with friends
  21. Blankets
  22. Adventures with Lily *my 10 year old daughter
  23. Coloring
  24. Dates
  25. Graphic Tees
  26. Smoking
  27. Yoga
  28. Square Dishes
  29. Lipsticks
  30. Bagels from The Electric Brew *Local coffee house
  31. Mugs
  32. Naps
  33. Sex/Kissing
  34. Healthy hair
  35. Camping
  36. Beach days
  37. Consignment shops
  38. Local Coffee Houses
  39. Sharing creative ideas with other creative people
  40. Fresh painted walls
  41. Handmade wall art
  42. Wood floors
  43. Good beer
  44. Taking classes *mostly online *I’m an introvert!
  45. Audio books/podcasts
  46. Tattoos
  47. Brian’s smile *my husband
  48. Compliments *because who really doesn’t like to be complimented
  49. Baby smell * you know what I’m talking about!
  50. Questioning everything
  51. My iPhone
  52. Book Stores
  53. Mind dumps *pouring out all my thoughts on paper
  54. When my nails are long *rarely happens….I’m an anxious nail bitter
  55. Converse shoes
  56. Taking pictures
  57. Traditions
  58. Pie
  59. Travel cups
  60. Sweats
  61. Cuddling
  62. Paint markers
  63. Fun and personal cards *giving and receiving……get your mind out of the gutter, I wasn’t going there!
  64. Unique jewlery and clothes
  65. Concerts *especially local talent
  66. Minalmalist homes
  67. Comfy chairs
  68. Dancing when no one is looking
  69. Painted nails
  70. iPhone earbuds
  71. Singing
  72. Mud Love *awesome jewlery for an awesome cause!
  73. Sweaters
  74. Indie or weird movies
  75. Injoy gel pens/sharpie pens
  76. My extra large clip board *Target people!
  77. Amazon
  78. New recipes
  79. Weird notepads
  80. Typewriters
  81. Street/local food
  82. Bags/purses
  83. Working to become strong
  84. My church
  85. Toddler laughs
  86. Having a daily routine
  87. Boots
  88. Rustic decor
  89. Modern decor
  90. Little cloth bags to hold things
  91. Mountains
  92. Fresh haircuts
  93. Flowing clothes
  94. My flat iron
  95. Authentic Mexican food
  96. Fans at night
  97. Natural light
  98. Fresh basil
  99. Doctor Who
  100. Being my own boss

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