Calm In The Storm

The clouds rotating turned into a tornado that was throwing around debris like it was the Hulk. Right. In. Front. Of. Us. It was the scariest thing that most of the van full of people had ever seen. To me it was majestic. It was the second time I had seen a tornado, and I wasn’t scared. I never am in stressful situations. I get calm, quiet, eerie according to some. But I am rarely one to panic. My life has been a series of storms. The calm is now the scary part for me, because I always know that it means the storm is coming.

I’ve become level headed and reliable in the hard times. I think with a logical brain, and sort through things with the gift of wisdom. It’s what I’ve learned to become, and it’s who I’ve been made to be. But inside I tend to feel very breakable. I feel soft and usually a bit uneven. I relate well to Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Swinging back and forth, sideways, and upside down, all the while talking to herself, and watching for what’s ahead. Knowing that she was headed for the unknown.   I feel like that’s my whole life. Swinging in the balance, trying not to fall to fast.

I have learned techniques along the way to help keep me calm. To center myself, and to bring myself back to a place of balance. I want to share some of those with you. In the rough times these are things I have used to keep myself “Okay” and things that might come in handy for you too.

  1. Take a nap. Sometimes, especially when storms are brewing, I rarely get enough sleep. Sometimes things are made so much worse by pushing through instead of stopping when I am tired, and I really just need a nap. Be it 20 minutes or 4 hours, sometimes all we need is a little shut eye to be able to come back fresh and tackle those problems again. If you can’t do that, even just a little down time can help.
  2. Do something creative. I do a lot of different creative things, how about you? I know you may be in the group of people that think there is no way anything creative could ever come out of them, but I believe everyone can do at least one thing. Here are some of my favorites: coloring, writing, singing, zentangles, knitting, and cooking/baking. There are so many more, if you still haven’t thought of something, look up hobbies on pintrest, or instagram, and try something new!
  3. On to a bigger idea. Get away. Yeah, I get it. Money is tight, you have a job, kids are cranky. There are a million reasons not to get away, but let me tell you, getting away can be just what you need. Sometimes the change of view does wonders for our soul. So maybe you can’t afford a vacation, then go away for the day. Still too much, then get away for a few hours. I love just going to a small local town and window shopping while I sip on some coffee. Or taking a lunch, and chilling out on the beach, or the walking trails. Small  town coffee houses, bookstores, and shops are the best when you need a cheap change of scenery. Trust me, start by looking at what you have around you and branch out from there!

I can’t stop the storms from happening. I can only use the tools that I have developed over time to keep myself in check. I hope you can use some of these too.

Tell me what you do to stay calm in your storms?

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