I Am, Consistency In A Changing Life

Middle of the night thoughts keep me awake. These last few years have changed my life in so many ways. But as I reflect on that, I am reminded of all the ways life is still the same. I am still a mother. I have two babies that are no longer little. I am their guide, their mentor, their keeper, and their constant. 

I still love Jesus. Even though I have many times questioned my life and the turns it has taken I never loose my love for him. He is my constant. Even when I’m angry. Especially when I’m angry. 

I am still a maker. I make bread and soups, scarves and hats and blankets. I make words form sentences and thoughts bend into life. 

I am a friend. I’m not the best but I am still there. I still love. I still listen. I still give. And I still walk shoulder to shoulder with those I have cultivated relationships with in my little circle. Happy to have them by my side. 

I am a sister to many. All walking different roads. All seeking wisdom and a listening ear and someone to hold their baby when they can’t do it one moment longer. 

I am an aunt. I am there to care and love and encourage them in this world so new to their little hearts. 

I am a warrior, seeking always to be stronger than I was before. To stand tall and walk wisely and to be grounded as a person who has persevered. 

I am 

I am 

I am

I am a great many things and in these things there is life. 

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