The Mini Habits I Want To Rock

Mini habits are becoming all the rage. Can’t do 20 push ups? Try 2 a day, every day and your habit will grow. You can’t write a chapter every day? Write one page, still too much, just write a paragraph. 30 oz of water instead of 60, crafting for 1/2 an hour instead of 3, walk one block, cut out one cup of caffeine, read one page, send one text. You can read about it on just about any major social media site.

Sometimes life becomes overwhelming, and the big goals just make you feel like you are trying to climb out of a grave. My life is usually like this. As a work from home, homeschooling, single mom with a special needs girl, my life gets very bogged down by the crazy big things in it, and I just cannot even imagine adding one more thing. But, I want to be healthy. I want to write more, read more, work out more, even rest more. So I want to start building mini habits into my day. I want them to stick, and grow, and bring about a healthier version of myself in all areas. So for the sake of fun and accountability I’m going to share my mini’s for this month with you. Won’t you share your mini habits with me?

Write 100 words

Do 10 bear crawls adding in a push up and plank every time

Knit for 20 minutes

Read for 20 minutes

Drink one bottle of water (my bottle is 50 oz)

Don’t leave me out here alone friends! What mini habits will you add in this month?

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