My Crap Was Suffocating Me

I’m emptying out my apartment, and I love it.

Today the over sized elliptical, that I never use, left my house. I was excited to see it go. I have slowly been eliminating things that no longer add value to my life. To be quite honest, it has been so freeing for me. Life has changed a lot over the last few years, and this is one change that I wish I had made sooner. The life of a minimalist has been appealing to me for a long time, but never executed.

I had a husband. I have a daughter. I was a homemaker. I am a homeschooling mom. I was the caregiver. Now I am also the provider. I tried to make my family happy. My family loves stuff. All kinds of stuff. I do not. I grew up in a house full of people and clutter. I hated it. There was so much to clean, so much to put in order, and so much to step over.

When my husband and I split up, I boxed up my life, and moved it into a space half the size of our home. Then I got so tired of all the things I didn’t use being around me all the time. So I boxed up a whole bookcase of books. I bagged up, and gave away half a closet of clothes. I sold the elliptical. I set aside dishes, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I could finally breathe!

It’s new, but oh so simple, and I love simple. I always have. I like not having to spend much time cleaning. I like knowing exactly what I have, and that I will use it.

Most of all I love that I did something to make me happy.

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