A Life Of Procrastination

Some people spend their whole lives procrastinating. They start out with dreams, and ideas, and a vision for their life. Maybe they want to be a doctor, or a mechanic, or a dancer. Then somewhere along the way their confidence died. As a child you believe you can do anything. I was convinced at one point that I could be lead singer for Jem and the Holograms. Never mind the fact that they aren’t real, I was going to be a rockstar with them, damnit! The point is I thought I could be anything.

My daughter is ten. She has big dreams. But she has started to question herself. She has started to put aside the work that will make those dreams happen. She is giving in. I’ve seen it so many times, when people stop believing they stop striving. There is a breakdown in their mind, and what they once thought they wanted and could do becomes something that they doubt. That doubt turns into fear, and lack of confidence, and eventually they begin procrastinating doing all the things they need to live out their goals.

What really makes me stop, and question the world is that some people. A lot of people, will go through their whole life procrastinating, and never be who they dreamed of being. They will work a shit job that they hate, settle for a mediocre marriage, and do the same things day in, and day out that make them so unhappy, and never do the work to grasp that dream.

I see it like this, you can work hard and procrastinate, never getting what you want. Or you can work hard, and run after who you want to be, and achieve it.

Are you a procrastinator or a runner?

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