This Week Was Hell, My Excuses For Not Writing

I was writing every day. It was a habit, and a way to release all the thoughts attacking my brain. Then my week went to hell.

Monday I was rear ended. I have torn muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It will take at least a month to heal up. My daughter was freaked out! I wasn’t sure I would ever get her back in the car. Thankfully I did!

Tuesday I canceled appointments to rest. I don’t remember a lot from that day. I did everything in fifteen minute increments. Work, calls, errands everything got cut short.

Wednesday I caught a cold that settled in my chest within a day. I had people in and out of my house all day. People getting mad at me for various stupid reasons, and I still couldn’t think straight.

Thursday I packed I ran errands. I took my daughter to therapy because did I mention that she has decided to argue everything I say? Oh yes, mom is down so it’s time to challenge her!

Then I got a call. The papers have been signed and filed. They are ready to be picked up. My divorce was done. I picked up the papers and drove to pick up my friend.

We immediately left for a hospital five hours away. It was a routine check up for my girl and her Tourette’s battle. Let’s try new medicine they said. It only comes with nausea, irritability, and sadness. Let us know how it’s working. See you three months.

On Friday we drove my smashed in car back home, and the turn signal worked about as often as it didn’t. By this time my cold was tucked away soundly in my lungs and refusing to leave. I still have no response from the insurance company about the accident, and I was refusing to think about or deal with the divorce papers tucked into my computer bag.

As we got back into town my car overheated. It’s needed a thermostat for a while. But seriously? Right now?! I had money in the bank but it was put on hold by the hotel, ya know just in case we went all Motley Crue on them. It will only take two weeks for them to give the money back. Only two weeks?!?

So here we are at Saturday, and I’ve worked a little. Rested more, played with my daughter, and watched a movie. The good things in my day were helpful.

Because tonight, I folded up my divorce papers and cried a little as I tucked them into the same file as my marriage certificate. I messaged a few people to let them know it was done. I tried to read but it hurts my neck still. So here I am drugged up on muscle relaxers, and sad as I look ahead.

But, I knew I needed to do one healing thing tonight. I needed to write. My life is forever changed and writing is how I process. So here I am sharing my week from hell with you. I am so glad tomorrow is the start of a new week.

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