A Professional Writer With A Self Education

I am a self educated woman. I did not grow up with the means to have others teach me. I was home schooled from 4th grade through graduation. After a hard time for my family I typically needed to push myself to educate. I was very self motivated, and am so grateful for that. Without pushing myself I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Daily, I would take my school work, study hard, and then check my work, and adjust. I didn’t mind this way of education. Self motivation poured out into other parts of my life. It was a beneficial lesson.

As my interest in writing grew I looked for ways to learn. I exchanged creative writing classes for babysitting. I bought, and borrowed as many books as I could to expand what I knew. I wrote everyday, and read every night. It became a way of life for me.

I considered journalism as a college major, but never got the opportunity to attend. In the 17 years since I have finished high school I have gone through seasons of writing growth, and seasons of stagnation. In recent years I have blogged, written for online magazines, shared short stories, written letters, and used a journal on a regular basis.

I have taken webinars, grammar classes, completed workbooks, read as many books as possible, and used writing communities to strengthen my writing muscle. I will continue to do so because it feeds my soul, challenges my brain, and is a passion in my life.

I am now at a place in my life that I claim writer as one of my titles. I have applied for the freelance jobs, and researched book writing, and have dozens of ideas in list form all around me. I once thought that to be a writer you must have a formal education. I have now come to believe that to be a writer you can grow, and expand, and become what you want to be with enough self determination. That you can find the education you need through any means you are able. That it doesn’t take a classroom to be a writer, it takes a passion to learn, and then write.

I will continue my education. I will continue my pursuit of being published. I will continue to build my passion into a career. Because, I am determined, and I am able.

Because, I am a writer.

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