Some Days I Lose My Life To Burnout

Burnout is a real way to loose your life. I live in a state of movement. I work in the edges, and I play just as hard. I fight health problems, and manage four jobs, homeschooling a special needs kiddo, and shuttling her to all of her many appointments.

The Story

Then there are days like today. Days that I can’t go anymore. I sit down, and fall asleep. I close my eyes and I can’t open them again. I try to move any my body feels like it’s made of lead. Days like today break my heart. They don’t only effect me. They hurt my daughter too.

I couldn’t play with her today. I couldn’t even stay awake to watch a movie. My body was working against me and I didn’t have the energy to fight it. When I finally was able to stand up at 5 pm tonight I apologized to her. She said it was okay. That she got alone time to play. But, my heart couldn’t take it. She is 11, and should have her mommy active with her.

The weekend was rough. It was morning to late at night running. People non-stop is a wearing thing on this introverted girl. Fighting, serious late night talks with family, and constant yelling all around. When you come from a family with ten kids yelling is the only way you are heard. It wasn’t all bad, and it wasn’t all good. But, it was all exhausting.

The Problem

Burnout happens in the good and the bad times. It happens when your body, emotions, and mind are overloaded. It happens when your body is not functioning at it’s best, and it happens when you don’t get enough rest. Burnout takes hold of your body, and doesn’t let go until there has been some recovery.

Burnout is serious. It can cause health problems. Change habits, creating unhealthy ones, and ending good ones. It can cause lasting effects that take us from a full life to struggling to keep our head above water. It has been the cause of many breakdowns, and hospitalizations, and sometimes worse.

The Fix

Ways to handle burnout vary. It may mean something as small as taking a break. Read a book, watch a movie, work on a piece of art, order takeout, shut yourself away for a little while.

It may mean something bigger. Today, I slept for 85% of what should have been my awake hours. I couldn’t get up. My body hit a point where I just had to stop. So I was forced into rest.

Then there are much bigger steps to take. Quit a job. Move away. Separate yourself from relationships that are destructive. Simplify your living environment. Build a schedule and stick to it. Change your eating habits.

The Challenge

So take care friends. Don’t drown yourself in burnout. Take care of you body, homes, relationships, and businesses. It’s a caution, and a reminder to not get where I was today. It’s rough when your life has to be put on hold for recovery.

What ways do you avoid burnout? Have you ever reached the point of burnout? How did you heal and move past it?

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