3 Areas Of Focus To Heal The Body

Being in control of my health is something I have been striving for most of my life. I have spent a good amount of time sick or recovering. I have had to seek out healing for my body, my emotions, and my mind. Today I want to address 3 simple areas to focus on for the body.

1. Food

I have been on many different lifestyle diets. I have found what works for me. Whole foods, mostly meat, veggies, and fruit. Some quinoa, or potatoes, fruit, and the occasional treat. I don’t feel deprived, or crazy cravings. I nourish my body with what it needs most: fuel in the form of whole nutritious foods. I will also eat off plan sometimes. I still have foods that aren’t the best for fueling my body. I enjoy the treat, and move on. I make a point not to stay stuck there. But, I want to be clear that this is not a “cheat” meal. It is simply a choice to indulge in something with the knowledge that I am neither cheating or stopping my lifestyle but I am doing something I want and moving on. Food is fuel, but it is also to be enjoyed. Sometimes it’s both.

2. Movement

Two weeks ago I started boxing. I throw uppercuts, and right hooks, and jabs, and I love it. It makes me feel strong. It makes me feel like I can take on all the other crap in my life. I would like to find a boxing gym, but for now dvds will have to do. As I watch movies with fight scenes I enjoy it when I recognize the different moves, and I know the combinations. I have tried almost every workout there is, and found that my love is boxing. It is empowering to know these things. There are of course days that working out is hard. Everyone needs a break once in a while. But that doesn’t mean you stop moving. Take a walk, go swimming, do some yoga. Just keep moving.

3. Rest

Sleeping, and resting are things that I still struggle with. I am finding that it is necessary to be intentional about this. Set bed times, sleep in when you can, and don’t push yourself too far. It’s a hard battle, but it is possible to win. For now I am doing what I can. Rest is also a key thing to my health right now. Not sleeping, but taking time to sit on the beach, read a book, hang with friends, and watching movies. These might seem like simple things to most people, but I was never good at things like resting. I always had to be doing something while I rested. It was very counter productive. Now I make an intentional effort to really rest. The times that I have been successful have been so rewarding.

Putting it together on any given day is hard. I am very busy. I also forget to eat often. So I have to be intentional about planning my meals and workouts. I follow a workout schedule, and a food restriction plan. It’s what I use to keep going. I don’t take days off. I will rest one day a week, but that doesn’t mean I stop moving. I want to live a life of movement, so I am intentional about active recovery. Recovery that comes in the form of healthy foods, and movement and rest.

Taking care of my body has not always been this important. Sometimes, I ignored what my body needed for various reasons. Other times, it was extremely important. Now it is a priority,and I am learning to always make it a consistent priority for life. I’m not oblivious to the fact that there are times that it will be harder. But, so will not being healthy, and that is something I cannot afford in my life. Can you?

A Note On Medication: For many, myself included, a healthy body also includes medication. While I am not addressing that in this post, I also didn’t want it to go without saying that some people need their meds, and a doctor’s care for issues…I definitely do! So please don’t neglect that part of your care.

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