Be Brave and Jump

I’m afraid of failure. I have been most of my adult life. There are so many things that didn’t go the way that I intended. I failed, a lot.

My most recent failure has been my marriage. My husband had told me for so long that I was a good wife. Until one day he didn’t. I have my faults, and I’m not blind to that. I had a big hand in why my marriage ended. But, recently I found out from his perspective all of the reasons why I was not a good wife, and why he didn’t want to be married to me anymore. It was a hard blow, that left me with even more fear of failure than I already had.

So now I’m between this place of being afraid of failure again, and needing to take chances because I am now the breadwinner of our little two person family. I have a kiddo to support. So sometimes I don’t have a choice but to take risks.

Most of my risks right now come in the form of work. I have started, and cultivated two businesses. It requires a lot of time, social media, and investment from me in order to stay going. I probably would not have taken so many risks if I didn’t need too. But, I am so glad that I have. It has been a lot of stress, but knowing that I am making a new life for myself, and my daughter is rewarding.

So to move past the fear, jumping is required. Brave, rip the band-aid off, risk taking, jumping. Say yes before you can say no. Take it in steps. Just do the next thing, and then the next, and then the next.

Taking your fear in steps is great because it allows you the opportunity to gain momentum, and reach your goals without over whelming yourself. It also allows you to plan a little bit, and that can help ease the fear.

Sometimes, we can’t take it slow. In those moments I still encourage you to jump. Ask your self “What is the worst thing that can happen if I do this?” If there are not serious consequences, and you know this is the direction that you are supposed to be heading, jump!

So tell me, what is it that you are afraid of? Can you take it in steps? Can you be brave, and just jump?

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