How Music Helps Me Survive

Several times a week I lay on my floor, or couch, or bed, and I blast music through earbuds as loud as I can until I feel a little bit more whole again. I choose music as my white noise when I work. I love music, and live a fuller life because of it. There is power in music.

Repetitive music has been proven to help people become more efficient while working. Music can also be used as a healing therapy for those in distress. Music unites people of all race, age, gender and beyond. Music is a way to express feelings, and thoughts. Music can be a form of worshiping a God, or person. Music is used universally to sooth, entertain, seduce, and express.

I enjoy music. It makes me happy to sing along while I drive, or listen while I clean my house. I used to sing to my kids, and lay for hours listening to music at night.

In recent months though it has also become a tool. My currant main uses of music is for focus, and distraction. While I still have my times of enjoyment I have come to rely on music to keep me feeling sane.

Right now I am listening to One Republic. I put their cd Waking Up on repeat whenever I am typing. It drowns out all of the background noise, and it is so quiet and repetitive that it is not distracting, it is white noise. I know all of the songs so I don’t get caught up in listening to the lyrics. There is nothing on this cd that will trigger reminders of things I’m not in a place to think about. It helps me focus.

When I need distraction I go in completely the opposite direction. It’s Eminem all the way. No cd, I just go to his channel on spotify, and put in my earbuds. When I’m in pain, I go to Eminem. When I have just finished a workout, or am walking, or have just put my body through the ringer — I play that gangster rap, and let my mind get lost in beats and rhymes. And when I am in emotional pain, when my heart hurts, and my mind won’t quit torturing me…..The music gets me through.

I have numerous friends that eat, sleep, and breathe music. It is their passion, and it fills their life. I enjoy going to their concerts, and listening to their new songs. Touring their recording studios, and working the merchandise tables for them can be fun too. I often take my daughter to these events too. She loves it, and I love that I can introduce something so creative into her life.

Sometimes, I need the quiet. Other times, I need the repetitive white noise, or the beat. My life is so much greater, and balanced because of music. It is a part of me. It makes it possible for me to continue to function on a semi normal level. It is a lifeline when I need it to be.

So tell me… do you use music? What do you listen to, and why? Do you have any music recommendations?

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