Guard Your Time: Protecting Your Time With A Schedule

I have become very adamant about guarding my time. I have been in a period of stress, and hardship, and failing health, both mental and physical. I have had to take some steps lately to ensure that my health is protected, and while I am not totally there yet, one of the things I have been working on is guarding my time.

I’ve spent most of my adult life running, and going, and never stopping. Now it is becoming necessary to slow down. My body is suffering, and needs rest. So I have been guarding my time.

What does this mean? Building walls around it to keep it safe. It means that while I have always used a schedule in some form I am now setting times for things and nothing else can be done in that time. It means that I commit to only doing certain things on certain days. It means that I say “no” to a lot more things, so I can say “yes” to the things I do put on my schedule.

It also means that I either schedule or allow myself to change a day here and a day there for an adventure day. Adventure days are important to me, and my daughter. This could be a day of shopping, and coffee. A day of going to the movies, and getting ice cream, or my currant favorite, a beach day!

Scheduling your time allows you to protect it from over busyness. It also gives you a routine, which brings peace to most people. Repetitiveness is so helpful and calming when your life is a little crazy. It gives stability.

I’m not there yet. Sharing a child, and having four jobs makes it hard for my days to all look the same, but I’m trying. I have been working on blocking off mornings for homeschool, writing, online work, and paperwork. My afternoons are to be spent going to appointments, errands, cleaning house, and rest time. The evening can be spent in rest or with friends, at which point I work on knitting. Then late at night, while my daughter is asleep, I work on two of my jobs that take my attention.

I would love it if this worked everyday. It’s a working progress. I know that it will be helpful to our house, and has already. I have used block scheduling (hours devoted to specific things). I have used days of the week (everyday you do a different thing). I have scheduled in increments (15, 30,45,60 minutes) I like the block scheduling the best, but I also know that everyone works in different way. Do you have habits in place to guard your time? Is scheduling helpful for you?

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