Grief Looks Like…..

Listening to the same song 467 time in a row

Eating 2 times a day because you know your friends will ask you if you have eaten

Being so busy and not thinking until your body gives out and you have to stop

Drinking coffee, and smoking 4 times your normal amount just to keep you calm and going

Most of your clothes not fitting right because your body can’t regulate weight

Bottles upon bottles of pills in your bag so you don’t loose your mind

Falling asleep in weird places because you haven’t slept more than a few hours a night

Memories hitting you at random and being triggered by random things

Being more sensitive or moody

Crying in public or not being able to cry at all

Thinking about how different the future will be and getting angry

What ifs and wishes

Sitting still and semi comatose with no words, just staring because the pain is too much to handle

Wondering if you are loosing your family one by one because you are cursed

Repeating yourself over and over again because you can’t remember what you have said

Making plans then leaving early because you are too drained to stay

Making list after list to follow because it’s the only way that you continue to function

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